New Website – Zero Worries


A Website Launch can be challenging: Figuring out which website functionalities are necessary, how to talk to designers and understanding what the developer wants is a lot. I am an experienced project manager and consultant who has successfully launched many websites of any size over the years. With my help your new website will perfectly fit your business and outrun your competitors in no time.

Not sure yet? Let me give you more details about the Website Package.

What is it that you really need?

Together we will define your requirements. This step is necessary to give you a clear view which functionalities are required to service your customer entirely. All this information will come together in the requirement document. It will also be used for the briefing of your project team (designer, developer, etc.).

Time, money and people

Based on the requirements, we will set up your project plan. It will showcase the budget, the timeframe and how many people you will need to realize your website.

Let’s do this!

I will guide you and the team through the whole project, making sure that it is realized in time and in budget. No need to have sleepless nights or worries that something could go wrong. I have done this so many times and know exactly how to solve potential issues.

Don’t forget about the data

It is crucial to know exactly how your website is performing and how your customers are interacting with it. Hence, you need a good analytics tool. I will help you make a perfect choice and will set it up to streamline your goals.

Included in the Package:
  • Requirement document with functional specifications
  • Complete project plan including budget, timing and team responsibilities
  • Project monitoring and team lead
  • Regular status updates
  • Website testing on all defined browsers and devices
  • Analytics set-up
  • Content creation
  • Content entry
  • Backend training and documentation
  • KPI definition

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