The ultimate Starter Kit


Launching a new business is such an exciting feeling. But it is also a lot of work, especially if you are not an expert in every aspect of your launch. Let me take the pressure of the marketing part and help you with the perfect Starter Kit. It contains everything that you need to successfully get your product out there and win your first customers in a short period of time.

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Strategy comes first

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you always need a strategy. It will define your unique selling point, who your target groups are and how you should communicate with them. The strategy also involves your marketing goals and vision.

Marketing aka Action Plan

You will need a plan to spend your marketing budget efficiently. The action plan shows you the right channels you should use to reach your costumers and how to advertise there. Also, each action point is linked to a KPI to track your success and stay focused.

Every business needs a website

It depends on your product how big or small your website can be. For the first launch, however, a smaller version can be sufficient. I will help you to plan and realize your first website where you can spread the word about your fantastic new product.

Included in the Starter Package:
  • Marketing Strategy (market analysis, competitor analysis, target groups, value proposition, marketing goals and strategies)

  • Marketing and Action Plan
  • Product Website with max. 4 subpages
  • Website Anayltics
  • Content creation
  • Content entry
  • Backend training and documentation
  • Marketing automation processes

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