Marketing Boost without marketing talk


You don't know how to promote your business more efficiently, reach more customers and be happier? Sometimes it needs an expert to help you get there. We will find the perfect way to improve your marketing efforts and grow your revenue without all that crazy marketing fuss. And don't worry about not having a huge budget for your actions. We will make the best out of whatever you can invest.

Let me tell you more about the Marketing Boost Package.

It’s not them, it’s (probably) you

At first, I will have a close look at your business. This involves your strategy, your target group(s), your website, your marketing activities and your competitors. My analysis will reveal your pain points and show you where changes are highly recommended.

Website enhancement

I have seen it many times: Users enter a web page, but they don’t convert to customers. Based on your website analytics I will find out why you don’t sell to your users more efficiently. I will tell you how to make the right alterations to enhance your sales funnel and keep your users engaged with your site.

Let’s boost your marketing activities

I will show you the right way and place to contact your potential customers and to advertise your product. This way you will save money and make every penny worth investing. And if you want to go the extra step, I can also help you to put marketing automation workflows in place. This way you will market more efficiently and save a lot of time.

Included in the Boost Package:
  • Analysis of marketing strategy, target group(s), website and marketing channels

  • Recommendation for website changes
  • Recommendations for marketing activities
  • Action plan based on the marketing budget with KPIs
  • User Journey*
  • Realization of recommended activities
  • Marketing automation processes

*User Journeys describe the way your users or customers interact with your brand throughout all channels (website, phone, social media, etc.). It helps to realize where the people are coming from, what they were searching for and how they are feeling throughout the whole process. This is a holistic way to reveal potential enhancement to serve your clients better.

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